Public Collectors


Thank you to ALL who are collectors of my art. 

Caesar's Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV

Continental Steel, Kansas City, MO

Bars Unlimited, Inc., Maryville, MO

All Pro Construction, Inc., Olathe, KS

Ironworkers Local #10, Kansas City, MO

Mar-Jim Construction Inc., Grandview, MO

Ironworker Gear/Hardhat Gear, Ozark, MO

Ironworkers Local #8, Marquette, MI

Ironworkers Local #709, Savannah, GA, Buffalo, NY

Lou's, Vail, CO

Ironworkers Local #397, Tampa, FL

Ironworkers Local #340 Benefits Office, Battlecreek, MI

St. Louis Labor Council, St. Louis, MO

State Street Corporation, Kansas City, MO

Park Place Village, (4th Floor Gibson Building), Overland Park, KS

101 Live Fitness Studio, Memphis, TN

Ironworkers Local #172, Columbus, OH

Ironworkers Local #63, Chicago, IL


Private Collectors Not Listed