I am an ironworker and still a proud member of Kansas City's Local #10.   I am often asked how I went from ironworker to artist.  The truth is I didn't.  I've had a passion for drawing since I was able to hold something in my hand. 


While floundering around the art world in the 90's, and working several mediocre jobs, I quickly realized I had to make a living and was given an opportunity to become a union ironworker.  I started out tying rebar, and since that time, I have done about everything there is to do in the ironworking trade.  Ironwork taught me that nothing is impossible.  Over the years, I have developed a strong passion for the trade.


In my lifetime, I have drawn many portraits and illustrations for hire, as well as anything else I've found compelling.  One day, while looking at some ironworker photos from the early 1900's that I had seen many times before, I realized that the ironworker hasn't been documented artistically to any length since.  I'm proud of these old photographs, as they are a part of my heritage as a union ironworker.  However, ironwork today is quite different from the ironwork of yesterday.  It's no longer our grandpa's ironwork.


My vision is to manifest the contemporary ironworker.  It's my hope that no one forgets that this country was, and still is, built by the backbone of the American worker.


"Building America", is my tribute to the men and women who build this country.  I know firsthand that ironworkers are as tough as the steel that they erect.


Mixing my two passions has had powerful results.  Ironically, I have found my destiny as an artist and it lies in drawing the ironworker.


My work has been referred to as photorealism and is often mistaken for photography.  That is not my intent, it's just the way it turns out.  While I do reference photographs to make my drawings, they are used only as models.  The finished drawings are quite different.  I do like realism, but it's my realism based on what I like and what I don't like.


My favorite pencils are proudly made in the USA by The General Pencil Company.  I draw on Arches 300 lb hotpress watercolor paper.


In November, 2010, "Building America" moved from concept to reality.  Since that time, my work has earned much critical acclaim.  A complete list of awards and merits can be found on the awards tab of this website.


In addition to my growing list of corporate collectors, my artwork is in private collections all accross the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.


Original drawings are available for purchase, as well as small, medium, and large archival quality reproductions, and two sizes of gallery wraps on canvas.  All reproductions are hand signed and numbered in limited edition, produced in an offset process using digital technology.